Corporations face Green Litigation

Jennifer Taggart is an attorney specializing in environmental litigation and compliance. Her practice includes advising clients on complying with consumer product labeling and consumer right-to-know laws. Prior to becoming an attorney, Jennifer was a compliance environmental engineer. In fact, I have found far more environmental attorneys online that I ever imagined. So, what do you think is going on when you see hundreds of the enemy coming at you? Trouble is coming! We already know about Sick Building Syndrome where employees are made sick, but there is a newer version of Sick Building Syndrome. It is known as Building Related Illness (BRI).

SBS is a grave health condition when the building is characterized as hazardous to all employees inside. BRI is a rare event so far, but everyone now understands that Sick Building Syndrome is a major threat to every employee and employer. BRI does not require several sick people to come forth like SBS. It is "personalized," meaning that it now only takes ONE SICK PERSON to cause a legal claim, and force your company into court and a lengthy litigation battle.

It is generally thought that lawsuit are for the big environmental issues but there are going to be an marked increase in the small, but very damaging, SBS and BRI type of lawsuits. It will surprise most people how many people are vulnerable to building related diseases, but there are in every company. Out of 100 people that work in your building, there is at least one or more that will suffer from building problems. It takes only one sick person to start an ugly lawsuit. No one wants a lawsuit, and no one thinks that it will happen to them anyway.

Unfortunately, once the lawsuit starts, there is no affordable way to stop it, fix what went wrong, or just walk away. Civil lawsuits will not send you to jail, but they are seeking large cash settlements. They seem to be random in nature, and no one is exempt.

No one is safe from a nasty lawsuit, and it could be you in the next legal fight. We cannot predict who will be the next company sued, but we can say for sure that many more suits are on the way. It is suggested that all companies practice something called "Litigation Mitigation" This means that you start today eliminating the sources of known legal liabilities.

You cannot afford to wait until something happens. It is also suggested that you demand that your cleaning service earn its Green Clean certification. Do not hire a company that plays at green practices by replaces old products for new green cleaners. A green janitorial service will embrace the techniques and products because they are the only way to get the job done correctly.

Every company should require a Green Practices Clause in the janitorial contract that requires that the janitorial service provide trained and certified Green Clean employees for your building. It is obvious that we will continue to see a growing wave of environmental lawsuits as this popular cause grows. It is time to be proactive and do the things that will protect your company and do not require a cost to you anyway. Green Clean certification is available from Green Clean Institute. It is a very easy task to look for a janitorial firm that will offer you a true Green clean service.

It may protect you from the one possible lawsuit that could literally break the bank.

Green Clean Institute provides the only federal trademark training for green clean certification for janitorial services. In this environmentally-conscious period, green clean services have become a big issue by corporations everywhere.

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