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Today's technology is contributing a lot in child's education and learning. Talking about the Internet in this concern, it provides an advanced way of learning and teaching to both teachers and students. Via online students can gather extensive information on any subject that can help them in completing their assignments. Here availing benefits of online dictionary is not left behind.

As compared to printed dictionary, searching words on dictionary online is quick. Just type in the word in the search box and get the meanings of words within seconds. If you are not clear with spellings of complex words, online dictionary is of very much use in such cases. Dictionary online provides complete search regarding definitions, pronunciation, spelling, thesaurus entries and etymology results for any word. The online dictionary can be browsed alphabetically or by the terms related to the word to find the exact meanings and synonyms of the word.

There are online dictionaries in different languages like French, Italian, Spanish and German. There are also online dictionaries covering varied subjects, such as computer, science, and medical, pharmaceutical and also industry specific terms. The information available on online dictionary is gathered from various sources like Wikipedia, encyclopedias, the acronym finder databases, and financial and legal dictionaries. The online thesaurus is also available that has a list of words with similar meanings. One of the biggest advantages of dictionary online is that it is free to access so your money is saved that otherwise gets wasted in buying printed version of dictionary.

Moreover, people can also compile their own personal dictionary by selecting some every day words from online dictionary. The option of audio helps you to listen and learn the pronunciation of any difficult word which you are not able to spell out properly. Special-purpose dictionaries There are online multi-field dictionaries that cover different semantic fields whereas a single-field online dictionary covers only one subject field. There are also online sub-field dictionaries that further cover a singular field of a subject. There are also different types of online special-purpose dictionaries that include multilingual, bilingual, scientific, biographical, technical, historical and geographical dictionaries.

Learner's dictionaries assist the people in learning a language whereas bi-lingual online dictionaries help in translating languages. If you are struggling with finding meanings of technical terminology then one can access technical dictionary that especially covers technical related subjects. The technical online dictionary proves beneficial for medical and computer dictionaries.

The visual online dictionary is an interactive dictionary with pictures offering an innovative approach for learning the meanings of words. It is an all-in-one reference book in which we can quickly locate the picture of a word. It provides an easy and accessible way of learning words.

So, the visual dictionary is ideal for teachers, students, parents and translators. Now-a-days, dictionary software is also available in PDAs format that can be easily downloaded on computers. Not only on computers, the dictionary software can also be downloaded on mobiles too thus can be accessed anywhere at any point of an hour.

If you want to find out more information about online dictionary, please visit the Dictionary Online and Knowledge about Dictionary

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