Throwing A Last Minute Baby Shower

Will you be throwing a last minute baby shower? Do not scoff - it happens more often than you think! As a matter of fact, did you know that very often these last minute showers can turn out to be the most memorable ones indeed? It does not matter if another host's availability fell through, if you perhaps were a bit slow on the draw when it came to planning the whole affair, or if the mom-to-be changed her mind at the last minute and decided she would not mind for you to go ahead with the shower - throwing a last minute baby shower will require just a bit more planning, but can be pulled off successfully just as easily as one that has been in the works for months. First and foremost, decide on a location and a hostess. While you may be the party planner, you do not automatically have to also be hosting it. Once these two are worked out, you will need to delegate.

Close friends who will be on the guest list should be recruited to clean the party location before and after the party, while the hostess should be working with the mom-to-be on a guest list. While the guest list is being put together, you will need to go ahead and order the food and balloons. Yes, you will need to order food before you even know how many people will come for sure, but if you are throwing a last minute baby shower, you do not have the luxury of waiting for RSVPs to be received. Instead, focus on foods that can be easily frozen, so as to provide yummy snacks for the parents-to-be for the next few weeks. These make for great quick meals that any hurried pregnant mom will appreciate having in her freezer! Once the guest list is comprised, you will want to consider using electronic invitations rather than mailing out traditional paper ones.

While this will not work for everyone - after all, some folks do not have email - it will get the information out quicker. If time is of the essence, then these emails can be followed up with phone calls a few days later to get a preliminary guest count. If your mom-to-be is a member of a church, you may also wish to include an announcement in the weekly bulletin. At this point, getting the word out is absolutely essential.

Last but not least, you cannot throw a last minute baby shower without contemplating games and entertainment! Make sure you are in close contact with the mom-to-be and find out if she has any preferences. If the gender of the baby is known, or if a name has already been picked out, this will also help you come up with some specific games that will incorporate this information. So take a deep breath and relax - last minute baby showers happen more often than you think, and they are just as much fun as the ones that have been in the works for months!.

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